Our Posts

Here at Union City in Police, our posts can usually be generalized into one of three categories. Those categories are:

New Policies

The rapidly changing world means that law enforcement agencies around the country have to adapt with the times, either developing new policies to deal with new situations, or update existing ones to match societies standards and norms. We’ll be posting these new policies and updates on the site as they become available, with some discussion for context as well.

Law Enforcement News

One of the hardest parts of living in the age of information is how much information is available to everyone, and how not all that information is properly verified or fact checked. The result is that there’s a lot of “alternative facts” and fake news circulating the net.

What we do is to verify all that information and make sure that the facts behind all the information are available on our site. Fake news and alternative facts don’t help anybody, especially where law enforcement is concerned.

Discussion Of Relevant Topics

There is merit to being proactive rather than just reactive. In addition to talking about existing policies that can affect the United States law enforcement agencies, we’ll also be talking about possible policies along with the events that may trigger such changes.

Simply being aware of new policies isn’t enough in our opinion. Understanding the events linked to such changes is beneficial for both law enforcement officers and civilians alike as both sides will clearly see the reason behind the new policies as well as how the law enforcement agencies are handling the training and dissemination of the new policies.