Lately, there’s been a lot of negative press about the United States Police Force, with the accusations of unnecessary force, the school shootings, as well as other perceived abuses of power. It’s understandable that those officers who abuse their positions or let their prejudices affect their better judgment be punished, but what about those officers who are doing the best they can while not breaking any laws?

Everybody knows that part of any arrest includes reading the apprehended suspect his or her rights. What a lot of civilians forget is that Police Officers themselves have rights and privileges to go along with their duties, oaths, and protocols. Here at Union City in Police, we’ve assembled a dedicated staff of retired officers, family members of officers, and civilians who want to make sure that people don’t forget.

We set up the website to create a resource for those active in law enforcement, as well as civilians who are interested in keeping up to date with new policies and news relevant to our country’s law enforcement organizations. We hope this will help everyone, law enforcement officials and civilians alike, be aware of both the protocols that our officers follow, as well as the rights and limitations they are afforded.

We are also looking for interested writers and contributors to out site. If you’re interested in writing for us, please check out our contact page for information on how to reach us!

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